Rapid Credit Boosters Review: Everything You Need to Know 

Rapid Credit Boosters

Rapid Credit Boosters is a credit repair offering that’s starting to grow in popularity. They offer some conventional and some not so conventional financial services. While their brand is flashy, and definitely stands out from the crowd, will their services match that energy? 

Here, I outline everything relevant that I could find about the company so that you can decide if it’s worth signing up or if you should shop around. 

This is what’s in store: 

Now, let’s drift! 

What is Rapid Credit Boosters? 

Rapid Credit Boosters Review

Rapid Credit Boosters is a company that claims to help individuals improve their credit scores quickly. Their services include the removal of unpaid bills and collections, and they also claim to assist clients in obtaining high-limit credit cards. 

The company is endorsed by various positive reviews, and there is a focus on their ability to transform credit scores rapidly. 

In short, Rapid Credit Boosters is a credit repair company that liaises with people and organizations to help them repair and manage credit. 

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Rapid Credit Boosters Company Overview

Rapid Credit Boosters LLC is a San Diego-based credit repair company that was founded in 2015 by Antoine Sallis, and is very popular amongst its clients and mentorship students. The company is currently active and registered in the state of California, but the registered agent is either resigned or invalid and a statement of info is past due. 

Rapid Credit Boosters LLC

Despite that, Sallis, who is self-proclaimed as “the world’s greatest credit agent,” is apparently still the President of Rapid Credit Boosters, and actively promoting the brand as of a few months ago. I couldn’t find any professional history about Sallis before launching Rapid Credit Boosters. 

Antoine Sallis Rapid Credit Boosters

Still, I know that he published a book, ‘The Great American Credit Secret,’ that has unanimous (seemingly genuine) 5-star ratings on Amazon. I haven’t read it myself, so I can’t share my opinion, but it appears to be a comprehensive, well-written reference guide for anyone looking to improve their credit scores. 

The Great American Credit Secret Antoine Sallis

Sallis is also a member of Forbes Finance Council, which requires businesses to have at least $500K in annual revenue or coaches to have at least 3 years experience. So, he’s definitely a real person working in the industry. But, I couldn’t find the company’s BBB profile or any Trustpilot reviews. And, nobody is recommending (or complaining about) them on Reddit. 

While I don’t see anything that makes me think Rapid Credit Boosters is a scam, I don’t see enough trust signals from a business that’s been around for 9 years to give you a green light on this one. Still, I have high hopes for it, so I want to tell you more about the offer.  

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What Does Rapid Credit Boosters Do? 

Now, let’s take a look at the company’s full offer so that you can decide if you want to pursue the services of Rapid Credit Boosters. From mentorship to apartment rental and everything in between, explore what you can expect from this credit boosting offer. 

1. Free Consultation 

Rapid Credit Boosters Consultation

If you share some of your details with Rapid Credit Boosters, along with your goals, you can chat with a rep at no cost. While this is something that most credit repair services offer, it’s nice to know this company is staying on-point. 

A call with a rep should give you an idea whether or not their program will be a good fit for you. I always recommend you shop around before you pull the trigger on any financial offer. 

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2. Credit Mentorship 

Rapid Credit Boosters Credit Mentorship

It appears that Rapid Credit Boosters’ core offer is credit mentorship. They offer one-on-one credit mentorship with Antoine Sallis. The main problem I see with this is that the advertised cost is $10K –  When I think of credit repair I think of the days when I struggled to put $1,000 away in savings, let alone $10K. So, I don’t see a market here, but bad credit doesn’t necessarily equal in-debt and no money. 

For this price, you’ll get: 

  • A guaranteed 740-800+ score
  • Access to up to $100K in credit in 6 months
  • A medium-sized trade line (3-5 years, $3,000-$6,000)
  • Passive income generation through the credit you obtain
  • Ongoing 20-hour consultation for a structured game plan
  • Funding support for home loans, credit cards, loans, auto, etc.
  • Access to Antoine Sallis’ network for tax assistance, business funding, credit lines, and more

It appears the mentorship is actually more focused on financial growth and business mindset than credit repair alone. If this is a price tag you can work with, then there’s probably no harm in taking advantage of the free consultation to learn more about what mentorship might entail in your situation.

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3. Credit Repair Services

Credit Repair Rapid Credit Boosters

Rapid Credit Boosters offers to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. They will help you try to get many of the most harmful negative items removed from your credit report.

Their credit repair removals include: 

  • Unauthorized hard inquiries
  • Duplicate inquiries
  • Collections
  • Charge-offs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions

This is not the only company that offers to remove adverse credit history from your report. I don’t love that the pricing isn’t advertised upfront, but I can see where this might be a better business move for someone with customized plans. So, before you even call, just shop around so that you know how much you should expect to pay for similar offers (naturally).  

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4. Tailored Financial Assistance 

Rapid Credit Boosters Loans

Whether you’re looking for personal or business credit, Rapid Credit Boosters has quite a few targeted offers. Other credit repair companies don’t tend to even talk about cosmetic surgery or veterinary funding – but this one advertises that they’ll provide guidance on obtaining a large spectrum of financing.

It appears that the company may have referral relationships with certain lenders, though I’m not sure which ones (taking a guess, Care Credit® comes to mind). If I’m right, this would mean that Rapid Credit Boosters might get a small commission if you apply for a particular loan or line of credit once your credit score is high enough.

Referrals would be a smart add-on for a credit repair company, as long as the lending partners are legitimate. I haven’t seen a competitor advertise like this. Personally, I prefer to do my own shopping for financing offers, but there’s a chance I’ve found them through referral marketing anyway.

Whether or not you want to take advantage of this is up to you.         

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Final Thoughts: Is Rapid Credit Boosters Legit? 

While the company is active and registered, Rapid Credit Boosters’ registration in the state of California isn’t currently complete. While I see some reviews of the company president’s book on Amazon and some testimonials on the website, I didn’t see any that I can confirm on unaffiliated websites.

However, I do know that people are more likely to review a service when they’re upset than when they’re satisfied. So, this could be a good sign.  

Still, other than with the mentorship program, Rapid Credit Boosters isn’t transparent about their costs. Their advertising doesn’t make it clear how much you can expect to pay for credit repair services. With so many competitors charging from $70 to $180 per month, I find it hard to get on board with this one. I’d rather shop around with companies who are upfront with their pricing. 

Personally, unless I were to see a few more trust signals, I wouldn’t sign up with this one. My advice to you is to proceed with caution. If you’ve been inspired by one of Sallis’ YouTube videos and you want to move forward, start with a consultation and make sure you’re confident that Rapid Credit Boosters will provide you with the value you’re looking for. 

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